Mobile Home Policy

The Mobile Home policy provides outstanding protection for your most important asset – your home.

The policy offers a variety of coverages to protect your Mobile Home and personal property. It also offers protection against possible financial disaster from accidents or injuries occurring on your property or from your personal acts.

Property Coverages


  • The mobile home located on the describe premises, including built-in equipment and accessories

Other Structures

  • Other structures located on the premises and listed on your policy declarations
  • Construction materials at the premises for use with other structures
  • Privacy or decorative fences listed on your policy declarations

Personal Property

  • Personal property located at the premises
  • Automatic coverage for personal property temporarily away from premises

Additional Living Expenses and Loss of Rents

  • Covers the increase in your living expenses while your property is being repaired or replaced
  • Covers the loss of rents you might incur while the rented portion of the premises is unfit to occupy

This information provides a basic description of the insurance provided for this product. These summarized coverage descriptions are intended for reference and don’t include policy conditions, exclusions, or limitations. For a complete description of the policy features consult your agent.